Such wry irony
To have your game turned upon yourself
Pause to think if it was deliberate
Now you have reason to smile
To let the insane jealousy slide
Is it the miles or is it just me and the wracking thoughts
When it’s gone, an uneasy calm itching to be touched
Did I give my all for a promised treasure?
The horizon smears with your voice
Burning to feel the smell of wasted pride
Now you have a reason to gloat
Desperate for acceptance sunk in pathos
Never living up to myself
If purple was the colour of the season
There was a time when I would be blue
Smacks of inane stringing of threads
To turn to such idle pleasures is pathetic
To imagine it’ll still the pounding
Had I been there, held your hand
Wreak chaos with a sense of understanding
Blind to reasoning and care
To assure that you love
Gulp it with all obedience
To throb with want will end in disdain
Teach me to expect like you and you will have created a monster
Of shuffled nights rest assured
Now they tumble crisscrossing paths and return with renewed hurt
Misled with crumbling promises fleeting words
Incoherence spills demeaning me
Dealing with it escapes
If my heart rambles as do yours
Turn to black seeping through
Immune to what you claim to not feel


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