School was a whirlwind of free-falling grades and some misplaced attribution of  good writing that never reflected in my grades. Report writing seemed at first like a muzzle. It took me a while to realise that it actually tempers the literary extravagance that I’m tempted to liberally help myself to.

How do I create an imagery through words without getting caught up in self-centredness? Are the big words carefully chosen for their dramatic appeal or because it lends to the substance of a sentence?

The fascination with big words and long-winded sentences persisted till words were chopped, phrases were hacked and it didn’t even seem particularly ruthless. Surprisingly, the remaining words were standing fine on their own.

If the conscious projection of the self is too mediated, I probably have to live with it. I cannot subconsciously tell myself to do what comes most naturally. This is NOT INCEPTION 😛


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